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Fast, Efficient Offsite DR Advantage

Fast reliable offsite disaster recovery with rapid restore


  • Optimizes most recent backup for "Instant DR"
  • Avoids delays from restoring from tape
  • Restores faster from full copy vs. "rehydrating" data

While keeping offsite copies of backups has traditionally meant maintaining a set of tapes at an offsite location, ExaGrid enables customers to easily maintain offsite backups through the use of an offsite ExaGrid system in conjunction with a primary site ExaGrid system.

The way it works is pretty simple. You're backing up your data to the ExaGrid system at your primary location, and ExaGrid is deduplicating that data to dramatically save on the amount of disk required to store all of that data. The ExaGrid system is then sending just that deduplicated data – just the bytes that change between each backup – over your wide area network (WAN) to your offsite location and its corresponding ExaGrid system. The end result is that the ExaGrid system at the offsite location maintains an exact replica of all of your backup data, ready for disk-based restore in the event of a disaster or other primary site outage.

As a further optimization, just as ExaGrid maintains a complete copy of the most recent backup available at the primary site, as the ExaGrid system performs replication to an offsite ExaGrid system, that most recent backup is also maintained in its complete form on the offsite ExaGrid system as well. The result is that the data is ready to be rapidly restored from the remote ExaGrid system if or when it is needed.



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