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The Full Recent Copy on Disk Advantage

Fastest restore with full recent backup copy on disk

Fastest restore with full recent backup copy on disk

Full system restores are the most important restores as hundreds to thousands of employees at a time can be down when a full system is down. The longer it takes to recover, the more lost hours of productivity. System restores from tape can be delayed or hindered by a number of issues - ensuring you have the right tape, loading the tape, and then finding the location on the tape where the data is stored. In virtualized server environments, IT staff need to recover VMs that are unavailable as quickly as possible.

Restoring from disk mitigates these issues, but not all disk-based appliances handle restores in the same way. Nearly all disk-based backup appliances use inline deduplication. Unfortunately, the inline deduplication method requires a given backup to be rehydrated, or put back together from its deduplicated state, in order to be restored. This approach takes time - and time is typically not a luxury when a full system is down!

ExaGrid's post-process approach, because it allows backups to land to disk prior to deduplication, is able to keep that backup on disk in its complete form. As you proceed with nightly and weekly backups over time, the ExaGrid appliance maintains a complete copy of your most recent backup on disk in its complete form, so that it can be rapidly restored when or if it is needed. This approach saves valuable time and productivity in the event of a full system restore. It is also quite useful with virtual server backups using server virtualization such as VMware. In this case, because a complete backup typically consists of one or more virtual servers in their entirety, ExaGrid's ability to enable rapid restores of the most recent backup effectively gives you the ability to restore multiple virtual servers very quickly.

In addition, when used in conjunction with certain specialized backup applications optimized for VMware environments, ExaGrid enables the IT staff to instantly recover and run a VM directly from the ExaGrid appliance when the primary VM is unavailable.



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