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The Grid Scalability Advantage

Scales seamlessly from 1TB to 210TB to protect your investment

ExaGrid's disk backup with deduplication system uses a GRID architecture, where each appliance contains processing power, memory, bandwidth, and disk, ExaGrid Grid.jpgand the system scales seamlessly from 1TB to 210TB.

As data grows, when the system needs to expand, additional full appliance nodes are attached to the grid. This architectural capability of adding  CPU, memory, bandwidth, and disk--optimally-sized to the amount of data to backup--allows the system to maintain consistently fast backup performance and scale exponentially with data growth.

This is in contrast to the legacy controller-disk shelf model, where all of the processing power, bandwidth, and memory are in the controller and where simply adding disk as data grows results in an explosion of backup windows and the associated forklift upgrades as data grows.

In addition to ExaGrid's GRID architecture maintaining backup performance as your data grows and allowing seamless upgrading to larger systems, ExaGrid’s grid-based configuration automatically load-balances available capacity in the grid, maintaining a virtual pool of storage that is shared across the grid.

As depicted in the diagram below, all of the systems can also be managed using a single user interface that is able to access all of the systems on the grid. This provides a simple, single-dashboard view of deduplication and replication status for any system in the grid.

Multi site GRID system.jpg



White Paper

White Paper: Five Keys to Scalability and Disk-Based Backup Systems

Five Keys to Scalability and Disk-Based Backup Systems

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