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Thank you for your interest in ExaGrid's award-winning disk backup with deduplication solution.This form allows you to request budgetary pricing for an ExaGrid system. This is useful for planning and budgetary purposes only -- based on your actual system size, configuration and environment your final pricing from an ExaGrid reseller is likely to be higher or lower.  For a detailed price quotation, please complete the form below and an ExaGrid representative will contact you. There are specific questions required in order to identify the best configuration for your application. Our salespeople and engineers are trained to ensure that you find the best fit.

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Customer Stories

Lawrence General Hospital

We have a remote access portal that enables me to work on our systems from home or from anywhere else I happen to be. I'm on call a lot and can remote into the ExaGrid on nights or weekends to check on our backups or to restore a file. We couldn't do that with tape. It saves me a lot of time and aggravation and enables us to be more efficient as an IT organization.

Michael LeBlond, Manager of Computer Operations

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