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HP Data Protector

HP Data ProtectorThe ExaGrid system supports cost-effective and scalable disk-based backup using HP Data Protector backup software. ExaGrid also supports the ability to replicate your HP Data Protector backups to a second site for offsite disaster recovery protection.

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Solution Brief: From Box to First Backup in Thirty MinutesFrom Box to First Backup in Under 30 Minutes

Efficient disk-based backup requires close integration between the backup software and the disk device. That is the advantage delivered by the partnership between HP Data Protector and ExaGrid Systems. Together, HP Data Protector and ExaGrid Systems provide a cost-effective disk-based backup solution that scales to meet the needs of demanding enterprise environments.

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ExaGrid Announces Support for HP Data Protector

The combination of ExaGrid’s disk-based backup with deduplication appliance with HP Data Protector backup enables customers to significantly shrink their backup windows, improve recovery times and cost-effectively protect more data on secure, reliable disk.

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SMF Energy Corporation

"Restoring data with the ExaGrid is almost instantaneous. Trying to do that with tape was so time consuming and tedious. With the ExaGrid, the data files are right at our fingertips and easy to retrieve."

Abraham Tatis, Network Systems Analyst

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