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Symantec NetBackup

ExaGrid Systems partners with Symantec to ensure compatibility with the latest features available in Symantec NetBackup. As a result, customers deploying ExaGrid disk backup along with their NetBackup software can dramatically reduce backup windows, get faster restores, and significantly ease backup management burdens.

ExaGrid's support of NetBackup OST allows both onsite and offsite backup data stored on the ExaGrid system to be managed from within the NetBackup console. The backup catalog is also kept up-to-date for the replicated offsite backups. This makes it easier for users to monitor the status of their onsite and offsite backups through NetBackup reporting, and also facilitates disaster recovery as backup data from the off-site ExaGrid system can be easily recovered directly from within the NetBackup console. This deep level of integration provides joint ExaGrid/NetBackup customers with a faster, more powerful, and more easily managed solution for disk backup with data deduplication.

Customer Stories: ExaGrid and NetBackup


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Customer Stories

NCI Group

Now, with the addition of Symantec and ExaGrid's joint OST capability, we have complete visibility into both our on-site and off-site copies of backups.  In the event we need to restore from a DR copy of a backup, we can seamlessly do so without any additional catalog operations as the ExaGrid appliance has informed NetBackup of the replicated copy, thus saving us time during critical restores.

Mark Serres, Backup and Storage Administrator

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Customer Stories

Westmoreland County

The ExaGrid saves us a tremendous amount of time each day because we no longer have to manage or administer tapes or troubleshoot our backups. Our staff time is valuable and the ExaGrid system has made us more productive.

Jason Lehman, Systems Administrator

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