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UNIX / LINUX File System Data Dumps

LinuxExaGrid customers can simply transfer file system data from Unix or Linux systems to the ExaGrid server, bypassing the use of a backup agent. ExaGrid delivers a 10 to 50:1 deduplication ratio, can replicate the deduplicated data to a disaster recovery location, and can report deduplication ratios by the individual UNIX/LINUX backup jobs.


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Customer Stories

City of Coral Gables

ExaGrid and other competitors were evaluated by the City in conjunction with Gartner and they recommended the ExaGrid systems based on cost and the City’s requirements. The ExaGrid system was approximately 60% lower than the other systems reviewed by the City…[It’s] been a great solution for us.  It’s really improved the speed and efficiency of our backups and restores, and it has the scalability we need for the future.

Ayanes Apolinar, IT Analyst

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