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VMware customers using industry-leading Veeam Backup software can get faster, more reliable backups with ExaGrid's high-performance, scalable disk-based backup appliance while also integrating quickly and easily with their existing infrastructures. Veeam Backup enables faster, more efficient storage and recovery of virtual machines while ExaGrid's disk-based backup systems serve as the backup target for these virtual machine backups.


Veeam/ExaGrid Virtualization Video - "Data Deduplication in Virtualized Environments"
Marc Crespi, Vice President of Product Management, ExaGrid Systems, Inc.

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Data Sheet

Data Sheet: ExaGrid disk backup with deduplication and Veeam Backup & ReplicationExaGrid disk backup with deduplication and Veeam Backup & Replication

White Paper

White Paper: Using Veeam with ExaGridUsing Veeam with ExaGrid


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Customer Stories

Spackenkill Union Free School District

The ExaGrid has proven to be a real time saver. We were able to streamline our backup processes and cut our backup times in half. Also, our restores are much, much faster now. Restoring data from tape used to take hours, but it takes just minutes with the ExaGrid.

Brett Hasbrouck, Network Specialist

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