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CFO Decision Criteria

As you consider your data backup needs we recommend you evaluate potential solutions from a number of different perspectives including the company, its product, price levels, and customer support.


  • ExaGrid is building a large independent company by leveraging our product leadership, strong distribution channel, and world class customer support
  • ExaGrid is funded to profitability and cash positive operations by top tier investors including Sigma Partners, Highland Capital, Tenaya Capital and Investor Growth Capital
  • ExaGrid has been in business since 2002 and has achieved consistent quarterly growth
  • ExaGrid is a company completely dedicated to customer success. ExaGrid has thousands of systems installed worldwide, click here to read hundreds of customer success stories


  • ExaGrid provides a best in class solution:
  • The shortest backup window
  • Fastest data recovery
  • Scalability to protect your investment as well as maintains performance as your data grows
  • ExaGrid's performance and scalability can be confirmed by:
  • An onsite product evaluation
  • Customer references
  • Industry Analyst lab test report. Enterprise Strategy Group's Lab Validation Report


  • ExaGrid is the lowest priced data backup solution in the market allowing you to free up IT dollars for other projects
  • ExaGrid's system pricing is driven by the following considerations:
  • Backup Data Sizes
  • Backup Data Types
  • Backup Data Retention Cycle
  • ExaGrid offers the best disk backup with deduplication appliance at the lowest price to meet your data size, type, and retention cycle requirements

Customer Support:

  • ExaGrid offers world-class customer support - read what our customers have to say about ExaGrid's technical support
  • All costs are included encompassing full version releases, phone and email support and all replacement hardware - no hidden costs
  • ExaGrid is a company that prides itself on proactive customer support
  • ExaGrid has thousands of installations of our data backup system with data deduplication




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Five Key Steps for Moving away from Tape Backup

Five Key Steps for Moving away from Tape Backup

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Customer Stories

American Systems

We looked at several different systems and even considered building our own, but no solution could match the ExaGrid in terms of price, data de-duplication and support. It all came together when we realized we could deploy a two-site ExaGrid system and improve the speed and reliability of our local backups while gaining the high availability we were looking for in our disaster recovery plan.

Jon Mahlbacher, Network Engineer

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