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About ExaGrid

Backup without compromise – solving the backup and restore challenge forever

ExaGrid Systems, Inc, entered the disk backup with deduplication market in 2006. Since then, the company has revolutionized how organizations back up and protect their data. Its cost-effective, scalable disk backup solutions help IT organizations solve two of the most pressing issues they face today: how to protect and manage an ever-increasing amount of data and how to do so at less cost.

The company has achieved this by ensuring that it addresses four fundamental requirements:

  • Provide the shortest possible backup window
  • Ensure a consistent backup window no matter how much data grows in the future
  • Make it easy and quick to restore or recover data
  • Fix backup once and fix it forever

The result of listening to IT professionals, combined with the company’s innovative thinking, is a unique grid-based, scale-out backup solution that has no theoretical limits. Other backup vendors use a scale-up architecture which only creates a short-term fix to backup challenges. The award-winning approach of ExaGrid’s scale-out architecture has provided its customers with a consistent backup window regardless of data growth.

ExaGrid also employs a unique zone-level approach to deduplication that retains the most recent backup in its full non-deduplicated form. This enables the fastest restores, offsite tape copies and instant recoveries.

ExaGrid provides significant lifetime value and investment protection that no other architecture can match, allowing ExaGrid to make five vital commitments to its customers:

ExaGrid’s 5 Commitments:

  • The shortest backup window – Because each  appliance includes additional elements of performance, as data grows, disk, processor, memory and bandwidth grow at the same rate.
  • No backup window growth regardless of data growth ExaGrid’s scale-out architecture handles data growth very differently than the scale-up architecture of all the other vendors.  We don’t treat our appliances as standalone devices and instead connect them in a grid to get all the scaling benefits that a grid provides. As a result, as data grows and capacity is added, processing power is also added which fixes the backup window forever.
  • Fastest restores, tape copies, and recovery from a disaster ExaGrid’s unique landing zone enables us to retain a full copy (i.e., non-deduplicated) of the most recent backup which ensures that the most recent versions of backup data can be quickly restored or copied to tape without having to rehydrate the data.
  • VM instant recoveries in minutes ExaGrid’s unique landing zone means that with ExaGrid and Veeam, you can have the benefits of both instant restore and deduplication with no tradeoff. ExaGrid’s high-speed landing zone maintains a full copy of the latest Veeam backups in their original, non-deduplicated formats. This allows users to instantly recover and run a VM from the ExaGrid system if the primary VM is unavailable, enabling them to meet their recovery time objective (RTO).
  • Lowest cost solution up front and over time with no forklift upgrades or obsolescence, and our price guarantee — Since the scale-out architecture adds computing power with capacity, you can match your appliance to your current needs – thus keeping costs low. There are no forklift upgrades and no obsolescence as existing appliances will always work with the new models we deliver. Furthermore, with our price guarantee, you will never pay any more for any appliance than the original price you paid regardless of when you add the same appliance in the future.

In addition ExaGrid provides world-class customer support.

ExaGrid continues to receive numerous industry awards, including InfoWorld’s Technology of the Year award, Techworld’s ‘Product of the Year’ award, Storage Magazine Product of the Year, DCIG “Best in Class,” and Info-Tech Disk Backup Champion. With offices and distribution worldwide, the company serves a large list of customers across a variety of major industry sectors.


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Eight Considerations for Evaluating Disk-Based Backup Solutions

Eight Considerations for Evaluating Disk-Based Backup Solutions

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Customer Stories

7-Eleven Stores Ring Up Better Backups with ExaGrid

One of the things we wanted out of a disk-based backup system was a 'set it and forget it' type of product. The ExaGrid has more than lived up to our expectations. Each day, we quickly check the ExaGrid to ensure that everything ran smoothly and then double-check the amount of available disk space, and that's it. We're confident in the system and it's taken the hassle out of our backups.

Gayle Crouch, IT Director

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