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View the American Standard Customer Video

American Standard

Backup Administrator for American Standard Ted Green discusses how the company's data backup requirements were met with ExaGrid's Disk Backup With Deduplication solution.

View the David Weekley Homes Customer Video

David Weekley Homes

Systems Engineer Peter Mier and Technology Manager Richard Clark discuss why this national home builder selected ExaGrid's Disk-based Backup with Duplication system and the benefits the solution provides.

View the EPCOS-TDK Customer Video


Denise Toryk, IT Manager at EPCOS-TDK talks about how ExaGrid's Diskbased Backup with Deduplication system streamlined the company's backup processes.

View the ExaGrid Customers Customer Video

ExaGrid Customers

Testimonials from customers using ExaGrid's cost-effective and scalable disk-based backup solutions with data deduplication.

View the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) Customer Video

International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC)

Nippun Dhinman, Manager of IT Infrastructure at ICSC, discusses how his organization used ExaGrid's disk backup solution to make its backups and restores faster and more reliable.

View the Johnson Memorial Hospital Customer Video

Johnson Memorial Hospital

Hear from Robert Kozaczka, Network Infrastructure Manager at Johnson Memorial Hospital, on how ExaGrid's scalable disk-based backup with deduplication solution enabled the hospital to better protect its data.

View the Miron Construction Customer Video

Miron Construction

Wendy Diem, Network Administrator for Miron Construction talks about the company's switch from tape to ExaGrid's disk-based backup with Deduplication sustem.

View the North Kingstown School Department Customer Video

North Kingstown School Department

Richard Booth, Network Manager for the North Kingstown School Department, discusses how ExaGrid's Data Deduplication system has saved the school time and money.

View the Sarah Lawrence College Customer Video

Sarah Lawrence College

Sean Jameson, Director of IT and Khanh Tran, Associate Director, IT talk about how the college got faster backups and restores using ExaGrid Disk Backup with Deduplication.

View the TenCate Customer Video


Jayme Williams, Senior Systems Engineer for TenCate, candidly shares his experience when faced with an unexpected forklift upgrade and how ExaGrid made him "think differently" about backup.

View the Town of Brookline, Massachusetts Customer Video

Town of Brookline, Massachusetts

Town of Brookline CIO Kevin Stokes and IT Manager Gary Vogler, discuss why this Massachusetts town turned to ExaGrid's disk backup with Deduplication system.

View the Trinity Partners Customer Video

Trinity Partners

Trinity Partners IT Director Jeff Zahr and Manager of IT Jeff Delisle discuss why they picked ExaGrid to optimize their company's backups and restores.

View the Victor Central School District Customer Video

Victor Central School District

David Henderson, Director of Computer Services at Victor Central School District, talks about the dramatic impact ExaGrid has had on his backups and restores.


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Clearvision Optical Eliminates Tape and Achieves More Reliable Backups and Restores with ExaGrid

The ExaGrid installs quickly and is painless. You’re expecting this big process, but it just goes in and starts working right away.

John Pinna, IT Consultant

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