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Enterprise Customer Case Studies

More than 7,000 ExaGrid disk backup with deduplication systems are installed with petabytes of data protected.

Aberdeen Asset Management PLC American Standard Brands AP
Brink’s, Inc Celestica-Valencia Concur
Cox Communications – CA Goya Foods, Inc. Hitachi Consulting
Honeywell – NASA White Sands Complex Kaiser Foundation Health Plan Kawasaki Motors Mfg
Kingston Technology Company Kraft Foods Deutschland GmbH Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport)
Miami Marlins Port of Seattle Salvation Army
Sbarro Schibsted IT Shangri-la Hotels and Resorts
Sutherland Global Services The Mathworks Time Warner – YNN division
Toyota de Puerto Rico Trial Court of Massachusetts VW Credit, Inc.
Wells Fargo Bank WR Grace

Read a selection of our enterprise customer stories:

American Standard Brands Download this Customer Case Study Now.

I used to worry each night about backup jobs. The ExaGrid has taken all of the worry and hassle out of our backups, and it frees me up to focus more on my other responsibilities.
Steve Pudimott, Manager of IT Service

Celestica-Valencia Download this Customer Case Study Now.

The ExaGrid system was 25 percent less than the other solutions we looked at and we liked the fact that we could retain our investment in Backup Exec. And because the system works so well with Backup Exec, our learning curve was minimized.
Luis Alabau, Server Admin. & Infrastructure Support

Concur Download this Customer Case Study Now.

We’ve worked closely with ExaGrid on our backup infrastructure and have been extremely pleased with the product, customer support, and the company as a whole.  The folks at ExaGrid go the extra mile, and we consider them to be a trusted partner.
Sean Graver, Storage Architect

Hitachi Consulting Download this Customer Case Study Now.

Backing up to ExaGrid instead of tape saved us thousands of dollars in license and maintenance fees. We didn't need any additional licenses or maintenance to back up to disk because the ExaGrid simply looks like any other Windows server. That was a tremendous cost savings. There are many different things we can do with the ExaGrid/NetBackup combination that we couldn't do with tape. For example, we can now easily mix retention policies and be more flexible with our data than ever before.
Bradford Leonard, Network Engineer

Kingston Technology Company Download this Customer Case Study Now.

At Kingston, we're actively working to reduce our energy consumption and are very sensitive to power and cooling issues. The ExaGrid unit is compact and efficient and its data deduplication technology enables us to pack more data onto our system. It's helping us to maximize our datacenter space to reduce our power consumption.
Tran Phan, Senior Network Administrator

Miami Marlins Download this Customer Case Study Now.

We have multiple departments that will edit large files and save them in different locations. ExaGrid’s strong data deduplication technology has been instrumental in helping us reduce that redundant data.
Ozzy Macias, Manager of Information Technology

Salvation Army Download this Customer Case Study Now.

The ExaGrid really has taken a lot of the pain out of our backups. Our backups and restores are faster and more efficient, and we don’t have to manage tape anymore. It’s been a great solution for us.
Michael Levine, Technology Research & Assessment Manager

Schibsted IT Download this Customer Case Study Now.

We don’t have to buy straight disk anymore. If we were to buy all those disks, we would need more floor space, which would be very costly.
Oivind Theraldsen, Backup Manager

Toyota de Puerto Rico Download this Customer Case Study Now.

Mondays are very beautiful here now!
Jose Sola, IT Manager

VW Credit, Inc. Download this Customer Case Study Now.

We tested solutions from both ExaGrid and Data Domain side by side and chose the ExaGrid based on its post-process approach to data deduplication and its overall simplicity. The ExaGrid also had the best price/performance.
Dean Bolton, Network Systems Engineer