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Comtrade Software HYCU

Comtrade Software HYCU is the only purpose-built application and data protection solution for Nutanix. Not only does it preserve HCIS simplicity with native integration and a hypervisor-agnostic architecture that includes AHV, but it also makes fully reliable backup and recovery a sure thing. Nutanix customers using Comtrade Software HYCU can get faster, more reliable backups with ExaGrid’s high-performance scalable, disk-based backup appliance while also integrating quickly and easily with their Nutanix infrastructure.

Nutanix Blog Post
Comtrade Software and ExaGrid Develop Integrated Backup Solution for Nutanix

Nutanix, Comtrade HYCU, ExaGrid Webinar – Feb 2018
HYCU + ExaGrid = Cost-effective, easy-to-use data protection solution for applications running on Nutanix