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ExaGrid Reseller Partner Program

ExaGrid would like to help you add margin to your business with minimal effort required. ExaGrid brings competitive advantage to your business and added value to your clients.

ExaGrid’s Channel Philosophy

ExaGrid believes that Value Added Resellers have to focus on vendors who understand their needs with products and programs that help the Value Added Reseller achieve real results quickly. ExaGrid’s channel program was developed to meet the real needs of Value Added Resellers. For partners, that means:

  • Best product: unique GRID architecture provides industry-leading performance and scalability (from 5TB to 480TB raw capacity, allowing full backups from 1-210TB – up to 24TB/Hr backup and restore performance)
  • Aggressive discounts and strong registration program: with the industry’s highest partner margins
  • Product that just works: thousands of installed systems and hundreds of customer references
  • Lowest cost to the customer: priced to help you win more deals
  • 70% win rate against competitive products

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North American Reseller Partners

Unites States, Canada and Mexico

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Europe, The Middle East & Africa Reseller Partners

Western Europe & Africa Reseller Partners

United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, The African Continent

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Central Europe & Middle Eastern Reseller Partners

Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Italy, Eastern Europe, Russia, The Baltic States, The Middle East

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White Paper

Eight Considerations for Evaluating Disk-Based Backup Solutions

Eight Considerations for Evaluating Disk-Based Backup Solutions

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Customer Stories

YCCD Selects ExaGrid Over Data Domain for Faster Backups in Virtualized Environment

We looked at an EMC Data Domain solution but didn’t like its inline data deduplication methodology.  The ExaGrid system seemed so straightforward to use and its post-process data deduplication made more sense.

Patrick Meleski, Database Administrator

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