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Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN)

Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN)Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN), a command-line and Enterprise Manager-based tool, is a common method for efficiently backing up and recovering Oracle databases.

Customers can simply send Oracle backups via the RMAN utility set directly to an ExaGrid disk-based backup system, bypassing the use of a backup agent. ExaGrid delivers a 10 to 50:1 deduplication ratio, can replicate the deduplicated data to a disaster recovery location, and can report deduplication ratios by the individual RMAN backup jobs.

Partnership Solution Brief

ExaGrid Oracle Database Backup Appliance Solution BriefExaGrid Oracle Database Backup Appliance Solution Brief

The use of primary storage as a backup target adds tremendous cost and complexity of protecting Oracle databases. These databases often represent some of those most critical assets in the data center – customer information, financials, human resources information, and a variety of other critical elements. Oracle database administrators must ensure they can be recovered in the event they are corrupted or lost.

ExaGrid eliminates the need for expensive primary storage for database backups without affecting the ability to use familiar built-in database protection tools.  While built-in database tools for Oracle and SQL provide the basic capability to backup and recover these mission-critical databases, adding an ExaGrid disk-based backup appliance allows database administrators to gain control over their data protection needs, at lower cost and with lower complexity.

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Customer Stories

Cheektowaga Central School District Deploys ExaGrid, Speeds Backups, Increases Reliability

The ExaGrid is incredibly reliable and it performs consistently each and every night. The system is rock solid, and we very rarely experience issues. I probably spend 75 percent less time managing and administering backups.

Colleen Eagen, Micro Computer Technical Support Specialist, Erie 1 BOCES

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