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VMwareExaGrid Systems provides cost-effective disk-based backup for VMware environments. ExaGrid provides dramatic cost and environmental savings by reducing the disk space required to store your backed-up, virtual environment.  ExaGrid’s zone-level data deduplication reduces the size of redundant VMWare instances (for example: VMDK files) by a factor of 100s or even 1000s to 1.

ExaGrid leverages your existing backup application support for VMware agents and servers, meaning no change to your environment. Today, ExaGrid supports the management of your VMware backups via CommVault Simpana, Symantec BackupExec, Symantec NetBackup, EMC NetWorker, IBM Tivoli Storage Manager and CA ARCserve. ExaGrid also supports specialized virtual server backup applications such as Veeam Backup & Replication and PHD Virtual as well as direct VMDK backups.

With ExaGrid’s disk-based backup system, VMware backups and restores are fast and reliable.   Because the ExaGrid system deduplicates the data after it is written to disk as opposed to processing it inline, you gain the maximum backup and restore speeds available.

ExaGrid also supports the ability to replicate your VMware backups to a second site for offsite disaster recovery protection.  Utilizing ExaGrid’s unique zone-level data deduplication creates a 50 to 1 WAN efficiency, allowing you to maintain a fully redundant copy of your backup data at an offsite location without utilizing a costly WAN.

VMware Partnership Solution Brief

Solution Brief: From Box to First Backup in Twenty MinutesCost Effective Disk-based Backup with VMware

ExaGrid’s cost-effective disk-based backup system is uniquely suited for environments that have investments in VMware and want a cost-effective and scalable on- and offsite disk-based backup system. Read this solution brief to better understand the benefits.

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SeaBright Ensures Better Backups with ExaGrid

With the ExaGrid, we can add storage on the fly and the system will automatically load balance the data across multiple disks. And because we can add capacity in small increments, it's cost-effective because we only need to purchase enough disk to meet our needs.

Jeff Wilkinson, Sr. Network Engineer

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