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In-House Customer Support

In-House Customer Support

Contact ExaGrid’s world-class support team:

ExaGrid’s customer support and maintenance services are designed to ensure that your ExaGrid system stays up and running to meet your data protection needs. Our team can be reached at:

U.S. 774-760-0292
Argentina +54-113-988-9175
Australia +61 272019540
Brazil +55-11-3230-2496
Canada +1 613-416-8345
Colombia 018009171200 Option 2
Czech Republic +420 22-888-5981 Option 2
France +33-17-636-0901 Option 2
Germany +49 898-393-1464 Option 2
Great Britain +44-118-315-0037 Option 2
Hong Kong +85230180341
India 0008009191421
Ireland +353 1-485-4290
Israel +972 372-0-8936
Italy +39 14-261-7000 Option 2
Japan +81 3 4360 8620
Mexico +52 55-4972-6987
Netherlands +31 182-788-210 Option 2
Poland +48-22-307-0454
Singapore +65 3-158-6322
Spain +34 91-198-1090 Option 2
South Africa +27 10 900 2894
Sweden  +46 84-30-9657 Option 2
Switzerland +41 21-588-16-60 Option 2
United Arab Emirates +97143132538


You may also contact our customer support directors:

Jane Riegel, Director of Customer Support & Escalations

Shaun Clark, Director of Customer Support

Sam Moukalled, Director of Customer Support


Support Resource: ExaGrid Visio Stencils

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