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California Dept of Ed Faces Forklift Upgrade, Replaces EMC Data Domain with ExaGrid System

“The ExaGrid system was extremely cost effective, and we liked the idea that we could quickly and easily add appliances to the GRID to increase capacity and performance.”

—John Jackson, Backup and LAN Administrator

California Department of Veterans Affairs Adds Scalability and Reduces Dependence on Tape via ExaGrid's Disk-Based Backup with Deduplication System

“We looked at other solutions, but we chose ExaGrid because of how scalable it is, the way that the grid system works - you just add another node to the grid as your data grows.”

—CDVA Network Engineer

CIHR Canadian HIV Trials Network Dramatically Reduces Backup Times with ExaGrid and Veeam

“The ExaGrid gives me peace of mind. I know I have a solution that I can rely on. I set it and forget it and I don’t have to worry about it.”

—Joey Castro, Systems Administrator

Chemung County Prefers ExaGrid Approach to Data Deduplication over Data Domain’s

“We really needed a product with strong data deduplication, so we narrowed down the field to the ExaGrid and EMC Data Domain solutions. In the end, we were more confident in the ExaGrid system. We liked ExaGrid’s approach to data deduplication, and it’s proven to be very effective at reducing our data.”

—Steven Morse, Information Technology Specialist

Honolulu Says ‘Aloha’ to Better, Faster Backups with ExaGrid System

“The system is easy to use and manage, upgrades are painless, and it’s backed by some of the best customer support in the industry. We’ve been very happy with the ExaGrid system.”

—Tobin Hirota, Systems Analyst

ExaGrid System Priced 60% Less than Data Domain for City of Coral Gables

“ExaGrid and other competitors were evaluated by the City in conjunction with Gartner and they recommended the ExaGrid systems based on cost and the City’s requirements. The ExaGrid system was approximately 60% lower than the other systems reviewed by the City…[It’s] been a great solution for us.  It’s really improved the speed and efficiency of our backups and restores, and it has the scalability we need for the future.”

—Ayanes Apolinar, IT Analyst

City Modernizes Backup Infrastructure with ExaGrid System

“We looked at EMC Data Domain and a few other solutions, but the feature that stood out about the ExaGrid was its GRID architecture because it would enable us to seamlessly scale the system as our backup needs increase.”

—Johnna Byers, Director, Management Information Systems

City of Ft. Lauderdale Cuts Backup Times in Half with ExaGrid

“We're amazed at how much our backup times have been reduced and how quickly we're able to restore files. Since installing the ExaGrid, our backup times have been cut in half and we're able to restore some files almost instantaneously.”

—Jay Stacy, Manager, Technical Services

City of Holly Hill, Florida Relies on ExaGrid System for Fastest, Pain-Free Backups

“I’d highly recommend the system. It’s really taken the worry out of our day-to-day backups, and it has the flexibility to grow to meet future demands.”

—Scott Gutauckis, IT Manager

City of Miami Beach Shores Up Backups with ExaGrid

“The ExaGrid system has given us the ability to recover and redeploy disk that we had been using for backups, and it has enabled us to get more data off tape and onto disk.  That’s just better for us all around.”

—Chris Hipskind, Senior Systems Administrator

Connecticut Transit Drives Better Backups with ExaGrid

“ExaGrid's customer support staff is terrific. They have a wide range of expertise in the backup arena and have been both proactive in helping us with our implementation and responsive to our requests for assistance. Since installing our ExaGrid systems, we've been able to streamline our backup processes, gain faster backups and restores and eliminate tape.”

—Rich Paterson, Director of Information Services

Denver Public Library Cuts Backup Window by 84% with ExaGrid System

“EMC Data Domain came back with a quote that was just crazy – well into six figures – and way more than we could afford.  ExaGrid worked with us and got us to a point where we could get something in at a reasonable price.”

—Heath Young, UNIX Systems Administrator

ExaGrid System Scales with College's Growing Data, Offsite System Added for DR

“I feel more secure now that we have established a DR site. I'm confident that if we had a disaster, we could recover critical machines. Knowing that Veeam would be able to back up an entire virtual machine and bring it back in a form that we could start up on another host gives me a feeling of security that I didn't have before.”

—Jim Cody, Director of User Services

Military College Chooses ExaGrid over EMC Data Domain for Scalability and Price

“EMC Data Domain was more expensive, but in our analysis, you don’t get much more for the extra cost … We chose ExaGrid because we were able to get the backup capabilities and performance we needed for a lot less money than EMC Data Domain.”

—Mick Kirkwood, Senior Server Engineer

ExaGrid Disk-based Backup Gets High Marks from Greece Central School District

“Restoring a fairly large directory from the ExaGrid system takes about 90 seconds. Restoring the same directory from tape would have taken a day and a half. We've been extremely impressed with ExaGrid's restore speeds. It has made a tremendous difference in our day-to-day IT operations because we can spend more time on other duties instead of on managing backups and restores.”

—Rob Spencer, Network Engineer

Greenwich Central School District Hits Capacity with EMC System and Replaces with ExaGrid

“For what I was going to pay for getting one Dell or EMC device, I’ll be able to buy two of the ExaGrid systems. I’ll be able to accomplish my offsite storage as well as my local storage for the cost of what it would have been for a single Dell EqualLogic box.”

—Bill Hillebrandt, Network Analyst and Director of Information Technology

Idaho Falls School District #91 Relies on ExaGrid for Fast Backups

“The ExaGrid system's GRID architecture will enable us to easily add on additional units to increase capacity and throughput. We're planning on adding another terabyte to our existing ExaGrid system, and we can continue to add onto it as our data grows.”

—Eric Bodily, Systems Administrator

Ipswich Borough Council Shortens Backup Times, Speeds File Restores with ExaGrid

“We are expanding our use of VMware and it was becoming a real challenge to put the images onto tape. With the ExaGrid system, we are receiving 61:1 compression for our VMware images and our recovery times are far better. We can recover a VMware server in about ten minutes. With tape, recovering the same VMware server would have taken half a day.”

—Howard Gaskin, IT Infrastructure Manager

School District Installs ExaGrid, Easily Scales System to Accommodate Data Growth

“When we purchased the ExaGrid system, scalability was definitely a requirement for us.  We’ve already grown our ExaGrid to handle more data, and the process of adding another unit to the GRID couldn’t have been easier.  The system is easy to use and it works beautifully – and with its flexible growth path, we feel that it will serve us well for years to come.”

—David Small, Storage Engineer

Keene State College Chooses ExaGrid as Cornerstone of Backup Strategy

“We were spending lots of time and money on our old backup solution to try to make it work, but it just didn’t have the enterprise functionality we needed.  With ExaGrid, we don’t have to worry about backups anymore, so we can spend our time on value-added projects that can really move the institution forward.”

—Michelle Wood, Director of IT

Evidence Convinces Kern County Sheriff's Office to Implement ExaGrid's Disk-Based Backup with Data Deduplication

“We recently lost our document imaging server. Using the ExaGrid, it took just 35 minutes to do a complete restore of the data. It would have taken much longer with tape, providing none of the tapes had errors on them!”

—Steven Schaeffer, Information Specialist III

Lee County Tax Collector Speeds Backups, Improves Disaster Recovery Plan and Eliminates Tape with ExaGrid

“The ExaGrid system was the clear winner.  The price and performance were good. It was easy to implement and it fit right into our existing environment. We were also able to deploy a two-site system that enables us to replicate data to our disaster recovery site.”

—Eddie Wilson, Systems Engineer

Lower Pioneer Valley Educational Collaborative Gets Smart about Disk-Based Backups and Deduplication with ExaGrid

“We run a very lean operation here, and it's a tremendous relief to not have to worry about backups anymore. The ExaGrid system was everything I wanted in a backup solution and more.”

—Jake LaMountain, Systems Administrator

Maine State Legislature Installs ExaGrid System

“Our tape backups were running approximately 20 hours a day, which left us no time to perform restores or to rerun failed backups jobs. With the ExaGrid system, we can run more backup jobs at the same time and as a result, our backups are completed in about eight hours.”

—Scott Lewis, Network Administrator

Massachusetts Division of Health Care Finance and Policy Speeds Backups and Restores with Cost-effective ExaGrid System

“We recently had to restore two SQL databases containing 30 GB and 10 GB of data and the entire process was completed within 30 minutes.  It would have taken forever with tape but it was just a point and click operation with the ExaGrid system.”

—Mike Regan, Senior Network Analyst

Mokena School District 159 Prepares for Data Growth, Chooses ExaGrid’s Purpose-Built Appliance for Backup and Data Dedupe

“Some of the software products claimed superior flexibility, but after doing some research, it became apparent that we’d still need a hardware platform capable of handling the load now and into the future. We liked the quality of ExaGrid’s hardware platform, and it was designed to be a backup appliance that could easily scale up in the future.”

—Steve Hastings, Director of Technology

Naval Medical Logistics Command Procures Effortless Backup with ExaGrid

“As far as backing up our data, the system is pretty seamless. It simply runs according to schedule and that's what we like about ExaGrid - it's pretty much automated, which is really nice.”

—Dave Penrod, Systems Administrator

North Kingstown School Department Earns an "A" for Better Backups with ExaGrid

“The ExaGrid system gives us a great deal of flexibility. Not only can it grow in terms of capacity, but we can also add a second ExaGrid system at some point in the future to replicate data to another location and completely eliminate tape.”

—Richard Booth, Network Manager

Northeast Metro 916 Intermediate School District Does Its Homework on Disk-Based Backup and Data Deduplication and Chooses ExaGrid

“The best thing about upgrading to the ExaGrid is that the process just works. We set the backups and they run; there is very little work for me or my staff to do.”

—Yvonne Anderson, Supervisor of Information Systems

ExaGrid and Veeam Streamline Penfield Central School District’s Backup and Recovery Operations

“We take advantage of Veeam’s source-side deduplication as well as deduplication on the ExaGrid. Once the deduplicated Veeam data lands on the ExaGrid system, the system deduplicates it further.”

—Mike DiLalla, Senior Network Technician

ExaGrid System Reduces School District’s Backup Window by 63%

“The ExaGrid system fit right into the district’s infrastructure and immediately improved retention, restore times, and backup speeds.”

—John Renahan

ExaGrid Helps Backups Flow Smoothly at Rancho California Water District

“The cost of the two-site ExaGrid system was far less than the cost of adding a shelf and drives to our SAN. We reclaimed the space on the SAN and got a better backup solution with disaster recovery capabilities for less money.”

—Dale Badore, System Administrator

Randolph Township Schools Opts for ExaGrid over Data Domain for Scalability

“When it came down to it, the ExaGrid solution was far more expandable than the EMC Data Domain system. With the EMC Data Domain unit, we worried that if we had to expand the amount of available storage, we’d need to replace the whole system.  ExaGrid’s GRID architecture will enable us to add capacity or performance by simply plugging in another unit.”

—Peter Emmel, Network Administrator

Rio Hondo College Learns About Faster Backups, Increased Retention with ExaGrid

“The ExaGrid system is very well integrated with the CommVault system and they work together seamlessly. In addition, the ExaGrid customer support staff is not only knowledgeable about their own product, but they understand CommVault as well. Integration is often the most difficult part of setting up a new system, but ExaGrid's customer support knew exactly how to configure the system so that we were up and running quickly.”

—Van Vuong, Network Specialist

School District Chooses ExaGrid for Faster Backups, Restores, and DR

“We recently had to go in and rebuild our entire backup system, and it was relatively painless.  With tape, it would have been a nightmare, but it took no time at all with the ExaGrid system.”

—Greg Swan, Senior Network Technician

State College of Florida Virtualizes Infrastructure, Turns to ExaGrid to Shorten Backup Window

The previous network administrator said that he spent 75% of his time doing backups. Now, thanks to the ExaGrid, I spend just a few minutes a day.  Having the ExaGrid system in place enables me to focus on other important parts of my job.

—Jackie Hemmerich, Network Administrator

ExaGrid Earns High Marks at SUNY Cortland

When we had a drive fail, it was as easy as a replacement being delivered to my desk.  I simply swapped the faulty drive with the new one and shipped the faulty one back to ExaGrid with no interruption in our backups.

—Jim Durr, Systems Administrator

Toledo-Lucas County Public Library Is Tape-Free with ExaGrid System

Before I even leave for work in the morning, I check my smartphone to make sure that the backup jobs ran correctly overnight.  When I arrive at work, I don’t have to change tapes or troubleshoot backup jobs.  Installing the ExaGrid has given me hours back in my workday.

—Dave Misko, Network Engineer Supervisor

Town of Goffstown New Hampshire Improves Backups and Restores with Disk Backup With Deduplication

Not only was ExaGrid the most cost-effective solution out there, but we felt it was the best technology -- giving us everything we were looking for in a backup appliance and at a much lower cost than the other systems we considered.

—Neil Funcke, IT Director

Town of Greenwich Turns to Disk Backup With Deduplication for Faster, More Reliable Backups and Restores

We're able to back up so much more data and do it all much more quickly. Even more important is that the backups are reliable. I can rest easy knowing the system works and our data is protected and easily accessible.

—Boris Hutorin, Director of Information Technology

Township High School District 113 Opts for Scalability, Selects ExaGrid over Data Domain

Scalability was a factor we looked very closely at. When we compared the ExaGrid and Data Domain systems, we felt that the ExaGrid was more scalable because we can easily expand the system to add both capacity and performance without a forklift upgrade.

—Ronald Kasbohm, Director of Technology

ExaGrid Helps U.S. Federal Government Agencies Reduce Backup Windows, Improve Data Protection

We couldn't be more satisfied with ExaGrid. Data restores from the ExaGrid take mere seconds to complete compared to the many minutes or hours we required before to restore data from our tape backups ... and their customer support is some of the best I've ever experienced.

—Dana McCutcheon, IT Specialist

ExaGrid Helps U.S. Probation Office for the Northern District of Illinois Cut Backup Times, Makes Restoring Files Simple

“The ExaGrid system does a great job reducing storage requirements for our backup data so we can keep more data on-site and available for restores. We have to do individual restores often and the ExaGrid system makes restores easy because the data is always available to us and we don't have to mess with tape.”

—Rome Palmore, Senior Network Administrator

ExaGrid Makes the Grade at Victor Central School District

We have a high degree of confidence in the ExaGrid system and we know that our data is properly protected and ready to restore at any time. Restores take virtually no time at all.

—Dave Henderson, Director of Computer Services

Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES Gives ExaGrid High Grades for Fast Backups and Restores

We preferred ExaGrid's approach to data deduplication over Data Domain’s. ExaGrid's post-process data deduplication ensures that our backups run as quickly as possible because the data is deduplicated after it hits the landing zone. Our backups are incredibly fast, and they run flawlessly each and every night.

—Dennis Bradley, Network Analyst

ExaGrid and Veeam Combination Delivers Seamless Backup Solution for Library System

We learned the hard way how critical it really is to properly back up our virtual environment.  We’re extremely confident in our ability to restore data now, thanks to the combination of Veeam and ExaGrid.

—Scott D. Jones, Technology Director

Webster Central School District Adds up Cost Savings with ExaGrid Disk-Based Backups

“The ExaGrid system offered a terrific total cost of ownership because we were able to significantly cut our reliance on tape and our management costs were reduced to almost nothing.”

—Quentin Spiegel, Senior Network Technician

YCCD Selects ExaGrid Over Data Domain for Faster Backups in Virtualized Environment

We looked at an EMC Data Domain solution but didn’t like its inline data deduplication methodology.  The ExaGrid system seemed so straightforward to use and its post-process data deduplication made more sense.

—Patrick Meleski, Database Administrator

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