ExaGrid Hyper-converged Secondary Storage for Backup Advantages

Scales to Petabytes of Data with a Fixed-length Backup Window

ExaGrid is the only solution that uses a unique “scale-out” storage architecture to maintain a fixed-length backup window as data grows. Unlike “scale-up” systems that have a fixed resource front-end controller and only add disk capacity as data grows, ExaGrid adds compute with capacity in a single system configuration, which means that as data volumes increase, full appliances are added to the ExaGrid system that each bring processor, memory, and network ports as well as storage capacity. A full system of 25 appliances can take in up to a 1PB full backup with total logical backup capacity of 16PB.

3x Ingest Performance

Because ExaGrid writes backup data straight to disk and adds appliances with landing zone disk and network ports, ExaGrid’s ingest rates are additive as appliances are added to the scale-out system and are the highest in the industry. Since ExaGrid adds compute with capacity, the deduplication workload is done on ExaGrid without the need to “borrow” compute resources from other media and database servers – a tax that inline deduplication appliances levy to boost ingest performance. Adding software to the media servers takes resources away from backup and simply moves the bottleneck from the storage appliance to the media server, resulting in slower backups. ExaGrid’s approach of adding compute with capacity is at least three times the ingest performance of its closest competitor and negates the need to deploy additional software on the media or database servers.

20X Restore and VM Boot Speeds

ExaGrid provides unmatched restore, offsite tape copy, and VM boot performance – up to 5X-20X that of other solutions. ExaGrid stores the most recent backups in their full, undeduplicated form in a unique “landing zone,” so that restores and VM boots can be done quickly without spending valuable time and system resources rehydrating deduplicated data. ExaGrid does in seconds to minutes what often takes other systems hours or days to accomplish.