ExaGrid and Unitrends Team to Deliver Lowest TCO and Scalability for Backup and Recovery in Heterogeneous IT Environments

ExaGrid and Unitrends Team to Deliver Lowest TCO and Scalability for Backup and Recovery in Heterogeneous IT Environments

Integration between ExaGrid’s disk-based appliance and Unitrends Enterprise Backup™ offers cost-effective, scalable backup and disaster recovery features for the enterprise

Columbia, SC  and Westborough, MA— July 18, 2012Unitrends, Inc., the #1 all-in-one backup, archiving, instant recovery and disaster recovery solution and ExaGrid® Systems, Inc., the leader in cost-effective and scalable disk-based backup solutions with data deduplication, today announced a partnership that will enable mid-sized enterprises to address today’s heterogeneous IT environments and the sprawl associated with data growth.  The seamless integration of Unitrends’ new software-only product, Unitrends Enterprise Backup™, and ExaGrid’s purpose-built disk-based backup appliance offers the industry’s best long-term and cost-effective solution to these scalability and complexity problems.

Heterogeneous IT environments combine physical and virtual architectures, multiple operating systems, and platforms.  Given these multi-infrastructure environments and data growth rates averaging 30% or more annually, IT organizations are challenged to address scalability and complexity in cost-effective ways.   Technologies that reduce the amount of storage needed for backup and also provide an all-in-one solution are required to reduce the burden on already-stressed IT organizations.

“This partnership brings together Unitrends’ scalable all-in-one backup solution and ExaGrid’s unrivaled data deduplication to deliver enterprise-level data protection for the mid-tier enterprise. There is a great need for backup and recovery to support agile IT environments and cost-effectively scale to support today’s data growth pressures. Unitrends is extending its leadership through this partnership with ExaGrid, and our joint solution offers IT organizations complete backup and disaster recovery functionality as an end to end solution,” said Jim Caro, Unitrends Senior VP of Corporate Development and Global Alliances.

The combination of ExaGrid and Unitrends’ recently released Unitrends Enterprise Backup is ideal for IT departments that want to achieve the shortest backup windows, replace their unreliable tape libraries, and avoid costly forklift upgrades as data grows. Those IT organizations looking for solutions to bridge their physical and virtual environments can leverage the flexibility of Unitrends’ software offering, along with the GRID scalability and post-process deduplication of ExaGrid’s physical appliance.

“IT budgets remain tight as data grows and virtualized server infrastructures are increasing, which means there is an even greater demand for a solution like this, which is designed specifically to ensure faster and more reliable backup and recovery in both physical and virtual infrastructure environments. With the seamless integration of ExaGrid and Unitrends Enterprise Backup, customers can be more confident that they can get better backups, quick recovery of physical and virtual servers, and the most cost-effective scalability in the industry as data grows,” said Marc Crespi, VP of Product Management, ExaGrid.

About Unitrends Enterprise Backup
Unitrends Enterprise Backup, software-only virtual appliance deeply integrated with Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware vSphere, continues to  offer enterprise-class features the company is known for, such as:

  • Simple deployment and setup via Unitrends’ scale-down technology.
  • Single server backup combined with multiple servers backup via Unitrends’ scale-down technology.
  • Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware vSphere incremental forever with on-demand synthetics.
  • Microsoft Hyper-V FLR (File Level Restore).
  • Storage virtualization, thin provisioning, and global deduplication.
  • Advanced archive file-level search.
  • Support for over 100 versions of computers, storage, operating systems, hypervisors, and applications.
  • Instant recovery using failover virtualization.

About ExaGrid’s Disk-based Backup Appliance
ExaGrid customers achieve the fastest backup times because ExaGrid’s unique approach scales performance with data growth, prevents backup windows from re-exploding and avoids costly forklift upgrades and product obsolescence.  The ExaGrid system is a plug-and-play disk backup appliance that works with existing backup applications and enables faster and more reliable backups and restores. Data is written directly to disk with deduplication performed post-process after the data is protected, and as data grows, ExaGrid adds full servers in a grid–including processor, memory, disk and bandwidth—compared to competitive systems that just add disk. Customers report that backup time is reduced by 30 to 90 percent over traditional tape backup. ExaGrid’s patented zone-level data deduplication technology and most recent backup compression reduces the amount of disk space needed by a range of 10:1 to as high as 50:1 or more, resulting in a cost comparable to traditional tape-based backup.

About Unitrends
The trusted provider of all-in-one backup solutions, Unitrends enables its small- and mid-sized and enterprise customers to focus on their business instead of backup.  The company’s family of scalable, all-in-one appliances and software solutions for backup, archiving, instant recovery and disaster recovery protects corporate data, over 100 different versions of servers, operating systems (including Windows, Hyper-V, VMware, Mac OS, Linux, AIX, Solaris, and many others), SAN, NAS, hypervisors (including VMware, Hyper-V, Xen) and applications (including Exchange, SQL, Oracle, and many others).  Unitrends is the preferred choice of IT professionals because the company sets the standard in virtual, physical and cloud server data protection with instant recovery that enables the complete system recovery in less than 5 minutes while Unitrends’ pricing offers the lowest TCO and ROI in the industry.  Unitrends’ U.S.-based support team boasts a 99% customer satisfaction rate. Visit http://www.unitrends.com and visit the Unitrends blog.

About ExaGrid Systems, Inc.
ExaGrid offers the only disk-based backup appliance with data deduplication purpose-built for backup that leverages a unique architecture optimized for performance, scalability and price. The combination of post-process deduplication, most recent backup cache, and GRID scalability enables IT departments to achieve the shortest backup window and the fastest, most reliable restores and disaster recovery without backup window expansion or forklift upgrades as data grows. With offices and distribution worldwide, ExaGrid has more than 4,500 systems installed at more than 1,400 customers, and over 300 published customer success stories.


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