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ExaGrid Systems Awarded Best-in-Class Rating in DCIG 2011 Midrange Deduplication Appliance Buyer’s Guide

ExaGrid Systems Awarded Best-in-Class Rating in DCIG 2011 Midrange Deduplication Appliance Buyer’s Guide

EX13000E Bests Both EMC Data Domain DD Series and Quantum DXi Series

  • The 2011 Midrange Deduplication Appliance Buyer’s Guide rated the ExaGrid EX13000E “Best-in-Class” out of 37 different deduplication solutions for its functionality and capability.
  • All ExaGrid appliances rated as “Recommended” scoring a 9.8 in technical support. ExaGrid rated as “Excellent” for hardware across all products.

WESTBOROUGH, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ExaGrid® Systems, Inc., the leader in cost-effective, scalable disk-based backup solutions with data deduplication, today announced the ExaGrid EX13000E has been awarded the No. 1 ranking in an independent industry guide evaluating midrange deduplication appliances by Data Center Information Group (DCIG). Following a thorough review process, the EX13000E was attributed a rating of 89.1. Of the 70 features and the 37 deduplication appliances reviewed, ExaGrid appliances secured the three top ratings and seven of the top ten. Also rated in the top ten were the EX10000E (89.0 rating), EX4000 (88.9 rating), EX3000 (88.4 rating), EX2000 (88.2 rating) and the EX7000 and EX4000 (87.7 rating).

To participate in the Buyer’s Guide, ExaGrid and all other vendors completed a 70 question survey as well as an interview that examined how their technology delivered on features associated with deduplication management, hardware, scalability and technical support. All products achieving a “Best-in-Class” or “Recommended” ranking from DCIG shared common features including 10 Gb Ethernet connectivity, supporting advanced “Fan-in” and “Fan-out” replication, as well as the ability to integrate with the leading backup software products.

DCIG cites the primary reasons why ExaGrid models ended up in the top three positions and why the ExaGrid EX13000E achieved the “Best-in-Class” ranking including:

  • Optional software licenses at no additional charge
  • Scale-out architecture enables organizations to scale performance linearly and adds capacity in modular increments while minimizing the need to replace existing nodes
  • It scales to offer a higher raw storage capacity than other models with this ranking

Important Features and Customer Benefits of the EX13000E System

The fastest system per TB, most space-efficient and most cost-effective solution available on the market, the EX13000E allows customers to store a 130TB full backup plus weeks or months of retention in a single GRID-based disk backup system with data deduplication. Like all ExaGrid systems, the EX13000E can be seamlessly added to existing ExaGrid solutions with no risk of obsolescence. This allows customers to realize the lowest total cost of ownership by easily adding capacity as data grows without the need to replace existing hardware.

ExaGrid’s EX13000E’s expanded backup capacity provides up to double the backup performance per TB of any other disk backup with a deduplication system. Unlike other disk backup solutions that scale by adding only disk shelves to a fixed controller resulting in longer backup times, ExaGrid’s scalable GRID-based approach maintains fast backup performance even as data increases. This GRID-based approach allows ExaGrid customers to confidently purchase a system knowing it will easily expand to accommodate future data growth while avoiding common end-of-life issues.

  • Backup Performance: 2.40 TB per hour in a single appliance, and 24 TB/hour for a 130TB GRID—up to two times the performance per TB of comparable competitive systems.
  • Most Space-efficient Disk Backup Appliance: densest unit in terms of TB/rack-space on the market, taking-up just 3U, compared to 5U for competitive systems of comparable capacity
  • Price/Performance Standard: the cost of the new EX13000E is 25-30% less than comparable competitive systems
  • Support for Encryption: to meet increased security requirements for certain customers, the EX13000E can optionally be delivered with encrypting drives in the new EX13000-SEC
  • Highly Scalable Virtualized GRID Architecture: ten ExaGrid servers can be combined in a virtualized 130TB GRID system—30% greater capacity than previously available
  • Industry’s Only Singly-Managed GRID System: fully configured ExaGrid installations are managed via a single, centralized web UI with one login, unlike other solutions that require managing multiple separate devices
  • Most Cost-Effective and Flexible Solution with No “Forklift” Upgrades: first company/system in the history of backup to solve the economics of backup problem

Supporting Quotes

  • Bill Andrews, president and CEO of ExaGrid Systems: “Our EX series is held in high esteem by our customers because we offer the fastest backup and restore performance, GRID scalability with no forklift upgrades and a competitive price point relative to our competition. It’s very rewarding that the positive feedback we hear from our customers is being reflected in the ratings of DCIG’s independent product evaluation. We feel that DCIG recognizing our seven EX series products as Best-in-Class, Excellent, and Recommended in one Buyer’s Guide is a testament to our delivering high performance appliances capable of supporting the most demanding and diverse customer environments.”
  • Jerome Wendt, president and lead analyst of DCIG Inc.: “DCIG has invested copious time and research to survey the top deduplication appliance vendors to complete this Buyer’s Guide. Our evaluation included talking to end-users and thoroughly reviewing the equipment to give our readers a clear view of the market. As a result of our research, the EX13000E clearly displayed its capabilities above the rest, performing very well across all criteria, especially in environments with existing backup management applications.”


About ExaGrid Systems, Inc.:

ExaGrid offers the only disk-based backup appliance with data deduplication purpose-built for backup that leverages a unique architecture optimized for performance, scalability and price. The combination of post-process deduplication, most recent backup cache, and GRID scalability enables IT departments to achieve the shortest backup window and the fastest, most reliable restores, tape copy, and disaster recovery without performance degradation or forklift upgrades as data grows. With offices and distribution worldwide, ExaGrid has more than 3,500 systems installed, more than 1,000 customers, and 250 published customer success stories and video testimonials.

For more information, contact ExaGrid at 800-868-6985 or visit Visit “ExaGrid’s Eye on Deduplication” blog:

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