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Situation Analysis: Why Primary Storage Snapshots and Traditional Backups Should Complement Each Other

Situation Analysis: Why Primary Storage Snapshots and Traditional Backups Should Complement Each Other

ExaGrid CEO and President Bill Andrews Publishes New Book to Help IT Teams Find the Right Balance Between Primary Storage Snapshots and Traditional Backups

Westborough, Mass., Nov. 25, 2013 — IT departments looking to implement new solutions are generally forced to decide between two paths: short-term gain vs. long-term solution. One meets the immediate need, the other meets business goals — few solutions can do both.

For many organizations, backup falls squarely into the ‘fill immediate need’ category. The objective is to find a solution that gets the job done for a reasonable cost, as quickly as possible. But, as with most decisions that happen in the IT department, it’s not really that simple.

Bill Andrews, CEO  and president at ExaGrid Systems, has published the third book his ‘Straight Talk’ series, Straight Talk About Primary Storage Snapshots and Traditional Backups, to help IT teams better understand the complementary nature of primary storage snapshots and traditional backups.

“In order to get backup right, it is critical to understand all of the various backup requirements,” said Andrews. “Only then can organizations decide which option or options for disk-based backup make sense, and can meet data storage, protection, and retention requirements.”

In the book, available both online and in hardcopy, Andrews works to dispel false notions around primary storage snapshots and traditional backups, articulating how the two products can (and should) complement each other, rather than fight for the spotlight. Andrews also guides IT teams by identifying the right questions to ask before making any decisions.

By calling out six of the top requirements that must be considered for organizations to protect and retain data, the book helps readers take a holistic view of their data protection solutions, rather than a piecemeal, limited approach.

Visit the ExaGrid website for access to the book, and learn more about its two companion books, Straight Talk about Disk Backup with Deduplication and Straight Talk about the Cloud for Data Backup and Disaster Recovery.

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