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ExaGrid is a Nutanix Elevate Partner and is certified Nutanix Ready AHV in Data Protection with the ExaGrid EX Series on AHV.

ExaGrid Tiered Backup Storage supports the leading backup applications used with AHV, including solutions from HYCU, Veeam, Commvault, Veritas, and others.

Enterprises can achieve a true end-to-end, seamless storage environment when combining Nutanix, a supported backup application, and ExaGrid. Nutanix pioneered the hyperconverged infrastructure space, which combines compute, storage and networking into an all-in-one solution for flexible scaling. ExaGrid offers a complementary scale-out architecture, ensuring maximum uptime and lowering the cost of long-term backup retention.

ExaGrid’s scale-out architecture consistently delivers fast backups in Nutanix environments due to its unique disk-cache Landing Zone, and can quickly restore data and boot VMs by avoiding data rehydration. ExaGrid is at least 20x faster than any other solution.  ExaGrid keeps the backup window fixed in length as data grows, and avoids costly and disruptive forklift upgrades in Nutanix IT data centers.

Appliance models of varying capacities allow customers to buy what they need as they need it; older and newer appliances of any capacity can be used in the same scale-out system, eliminating product obsolescence and protecting the customer’s IT investment.

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HYCU + ExaGrid = Cost-effective, easy-to-use data protection solution for applications running on Nutanix

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Nutanix, HYCU, and ExaGrid

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Nutanix, Veeam, and ExaGrid

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