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The movement from disk to tape for backup is well underway with about 70% of IT organizations now using disk staging in front of a tape library onsite. In addition, approximately 15% of IT organizations have replaced their onsite tape backups with disk-based backup with data deduplication. Whether you’re looking to replace tape at your primary site or eliminate tape entirely and get disk-based disaster recovery, ExaGrid has a solution for you.

ExaGrid's disk backup with deduplication product line revolutionizes how organizations backup and protect their data. By leveraging your current backup application and replacing tape in your nightly backup process, ExaGrid's simple, turnkey appliance can:

  • Reduce the disk space required for backup by typically 20:1, or up to 50:1 or more
  • Shorten your backup window by up to 90% and maintain a permanently short backup window as data grows
  • Scale seamlessly to handle data growth with no costly forklift upgrades
  • Improve your DR plan through offsite disk-based retention of your data
  • Quickly restore files, objects, or full systems
  • Fully protect your virtualized environment and instantly recover VMs in minutes
Tape Replacement

Many IT organizations that are dissatisfied with tape-based backups and are moving to disk backup with deduplication. For the advantages of ExaGrid disk backup with data deduplication over tape, click here.

Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery

ExaGrid offers multiple approaches for cloud-based disaster recovery. Whether you want to build your own cloud-based DR infrastructure at your offsite data center or prefer an offsite secure hybrid cloud, ExaGrid has options available. For more information on ExaGrid’s cloud-based alternatives, click here.

Virtualized Server Backup and Recovery

ExaGrid’s disk-based solutions that support virtual server environments cost-effectively reduce the disk space required to store that data and enable fast restores, instant VM recovery, and faster, more efficient disaster recovery.  For specific information on ExaGrid’s capabilities for backing up virtualized environments, click here.




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