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Industry Leading Support

Industry Leading Support

ExaGrid heard its customers’ frustration with “typical” industry support practices and created an innovative approach to customer support. Find out why 99% of ExaGrid’s customers are on our yearly maintenance and support program.

ExaGrid Worldwide Support

ExaGrid supports thousands of organizations worldwide in over 80 countries. ExaGrid Customer Support is unique as all of our support engineers are ExaGrid employees, and we have support engineers located in each region (Americas, EMEA, Asia Pacific, Latin America) that speak many local languages.

ExaGrid appliances are certified in hundreds of countries. ExaGrid has distributed spares depots worldwide to allow for quick replacement of failed system components such as disk drives, power supplies, and more. ExaGrid systems include RAID 6 with a spare drive and dual power supplies in each appliance so that if a component fails, the system continues to operate. All replacement components are hot swappable while the system is live in production.

ExaGrid provides:

  • An assigned level 2 technical support engineer to each customer, which ensures that you consistently work with the same level 2 engineer. In addition, there are no level 1 techs that take you through “the basics.”  You work directly with a highly trained, senior level 2 engineer.
  • Each level 2 engineer is an expert on two to three backup applications. This is far better than the traditional approach where each tech is a generalist attempting to support 20+ different backup applications. ExaGrid’s approach ensures that our support engineers have real depth of knowledge in order to best support you, and a level 2 engineer who knows your backup application(s) is assigned to you.
  • ExaGrid has technical support teams in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America who speak many local languages.
  • Over 90% of ExaGrid customers automatically send their alerts and alarms to ExaGrid’s health reporting system. ExaGrid often identifies potential issues before the customer does and proactively reaches out.
  • ExaGrid has spares depots around the world and, if a component fails, will ship a replacement via next business day air. Customers can replace all components themselves as the appliances have redundant arrays with a spare drive and redundant power supplies. If components fail, the systems keep running and customers can replace the failed component in a live running production system.
  • Customers perform their own installation with support from ExaGrid. Customers rack the appliances and then work with ExaGrid via phone and/or WebEx. A typical installation takes between 30 minutes and 3 hours, depending on the environment. Due to the ease of installation, it’s complimentary; ExaGrid doesn’t charge for it, saving valuable budget dollars for the customer. In addition, this avoids IT security and health risks of engineers coming on site into the customer’s environment.
  • ExaGrid charges a percent of the price paid for the appliances, unlike most vendors who charge a percentage of list price regardless of what the customer actually paid.
  • ExaGrid’s yearly maintenance includes all options; there are no hidden costs – now or in the future. Most vendors charge separately for many of these options. ExaGrid maintenance and support includes:
    • Free installation assistance
    • Assigned level 2 support engineer knowledgeable in your backup application
    • Email and phone support
    • Next business day air replacement of any failed component
    • No charge for failed hardware components
    • Health reporting and proactive notification
    • No charge for point releases
    • No charge for full version software (feature) releases
    • Evergreen model of supporting all appliances at standard maintenance and support rates, regardless of their life.

The statistics say it all with 99% of customers on yearly supports and maintenance. ExaGrid is also proud of our +81 Net Promoter Score (NPS). We encourage you to read what our customers are saying about ExaGrid’s industry-leading support here.

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