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Public Cloud Disaster Recovery

Public Cloud Disaster Recovery

Many organizations prefer not to run their own disaster recovery (DR) site because they:

  • Do not have a second-site data center for DR.
  • Prefer not to rent space in a hosting facility or acquire and operate their own DR site system.
  • Do not want to buy capital equipment and prefer to pay a monthly fee per GB as an operating expense versus a capital expense.


ExaGrid’s onsite appliances can replicate data for DR to the public cloud such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. All data that is DR data is stored in AWS.

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The ExaGrid Cloud Tier allows customers to replicate deduplicated backup data from a physical onsite ExaGrid appliance to the cloud tier in Amazon Web Services (AWS) for an offsite disaster recovery (DR) copy.

The ExaGrid Cloud Tier is a software version (VM) of ExaGrid that runs in in the cloud. The physical onsite ExaGrid appliances replicate to the cloud tier running in AWS or Azure. The cloud tier writes the deduplicated data to S3 or S3IA storage. Since the data replicated is only deduplicated data, the amount of S3 or S3IA storage required is less than would be the case when storing non-deduplicated data, and the average deduplication ratio is 20:1. Deduplication ratios can range from 10:1 to as much as 50:1 and vary based upon the type of data being backed up and replicated, e.g., unstructured files, databases, rich media, etc.

The ExaGrid Cloud Tier looks and acts exactly like a second-site ExaGrid appliance. Data is deduplicated in the onsite ExaGrid appliance and replicated to the cloud tier as if it was a physical offsite system. All features apply such as encryption from the primary site to the cloud tier in AWS, bandwidth throttle between the primary site ExaGrid appliance and the cloud tier in AWS, replication reporting, DR testing, and all other features found in a physical second-site ExaGrid DR appliance.

ExaGrid also supports multi-hop for tertiary copies. Site A can replicate to Site B which can replicate to Site C. Or, Site A can replicate to both Site B and C. In either scenario, Site C can be the ExaGrid Cloud Tier in the public cloud.

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