Public Cloud Disaster Recovery

Many organizations prefer not to run their own disaster recovery (DR) site because they:

  • do not have a second-site data center for DR.
  • prefer not to rent space in a hosting facility or acquire and operate their own DR site system.
  • do not want to buy capital equipment and prefer to pay a monthly fee per GB as an operating expense versus a capital expense.

ExaGrid’s onsite appliances can replicate data for DR to Amazon Web Services (AWS). All data that is DR data is stored in AWS.

A virtual ExaGrid that runs in AWS on an EC2 instance takes in the replicated data and stores it in S3 or S3 IA. The physical primary site ExaGrid replicates only deduplicated data for WAN efficiency to the virtual ExaGrid in AWS.

All ExaGrid features working include a single user interface for onsite and offsite DR data, bandwidth throttling, WAN encryption, and all other ExaGrid features.