Commvault Customers Can Add ExaGrid to Improve the Storage Economics of their Backup Environments

ExaGrid’s Tiered Backup Storage requires close integration between the backup software and the backup storage. Together, Commvault and ExaGrid provide a cost-effective backup solution that scales to meet the needs of demanding enterprise environments. ExaGrid improves the storage economics of Commvault environments by working with Commvault deduplication on to provide up to 20:1 reduction in storage consumption – a 3X storage savings over using Commvault deduplication alone. This combination dramatically lowers the cost of onsite and offsite backup storage.

ExaGrid and Commvault

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Commvault Deduplication On

Commvault deduplicated data can be sent to ExaGrid appliances for further deduplication. ExaGrid takes the average 5:1 Commvault deduplication ratio up to 20:1 which reduces the storage footprint by 300%. This greatly reduces the cost of the backup storage while allowing no change to the current Commvault configuration. ExaGrid can replicate the 20:1 deduplicated data to a second site for offsite long-term retention and disaster recovery. The additional deduplication saves WAN bandwidth in addition to saving storage at both sites.

Advantages to using Commvault deduplication include:

  • Support for Commvault data management
  • Less traffic from the client across the LAN for client-side deduplication as well as from the media server to the storage for media agent deduplication


Advantages of using ExaGrid deduplication with Commvault deduplication include:

  • Save onsite and offsite storage and associated costs
  • Use less WAN bandwidth
  • No change to Commvault configuration
  • Can work with DASH Fulls
  • Can work alongside DASH Copy

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