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Enterprise Customers

Enterprise Customers

Enterprise customers have a complex set of requirements that include: working across a wide range of operating systems, network topologies and distributed environments, stringent security requirements, and managing massive data growth.

  • ExaGrid’s products were architected to work with all major backup applications and in any environment.
  • ExaGrid meets security requirements including working with existing VPN encryption across the WAN and encryption of data at rest.
  • ExaGrid’s technology is optimized for worldwide deployments with cross replication between multiple geographically dispersed data centers.

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The ExaGrid Tiered Backup Storage solution is built for data growth. As data grows, increased resources are needed to deduplicate, replicate, and manage the data. Most systems use a scale-up architecture that provide fixed compute and memory resources and only add disk shelves as data grows. ExaGrid adds the appropriate compute resources (processor, memory, and bandwidth) with disk capacity. This approach maintains a fixed-length backup window from 10TB to 2.7PB of primary data to be backed up in a single system. Multiple systems can be deployed for petabytes of data.

ExaGrid’s unique Landing Zone allows for backups to be written directly to disk, which improves overall backup performance versus performing compute-intensive deduplication during the backup process. ExaGrid maintains a full copy of the most recent backups for the fastest restores, VM boots, and tape copies. All other approaches only maintain deduplicated data that needs to be rehydrated for each request, which can take hours to days to occur.

By adding full server appliances with a scale-out architecture, additional ingest (bandwidth and disk-cache Landing Zone) is added such that the ingest rate increases with data growth to maintain fast backups. This approach scales as data grows versus forcing all backups through a single front-end fixed-resource head end controller.

Enterprises need a solution that brings the appropriate compute with capacity to handle large data loads and massive data growth. ExaGrid’s full appliances in a single system bring a scale-out architecture to backup storage with performance of 488TB/hr. for a 2.7PB full backup.

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