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ExaGrid Enterprise Customers

ExaGrid Enterprise Customers

More than 11,000 ExaGrid Tiered Backup Storage systems are installed worldwide, each with tens of terabytes to petabytes of data protected.

Enterprise Customer Success Stories

Plastic Omnium Modernizes Backups with Comprehensive Security Using ExaGrid
"I set up a Retention Time-Lock policy, as it is particularly important for our data protection strategy. I’ve also completed the configuration to add 2FA and HTTPS security to reinforce the security. ExaGrid is optimized for security along with its Role- Based Access Control (RBAC) using local or Active Directory credentials and Admin and Security Officer roles, which are fully compartmentalized. I enjoy the level of security that ExaGrid brings to our environment."
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Pactiv Evergreen Packages a Backup Solution with ExaGrid-Veeam that Delivers Speed, Reliability, and Security
"I’ve never seen a company provide a dedicated, one-to-one support engineer before. ExaGrid takes care of its customers very well and their input is highly valuable. Their support team is always available and on top of it."
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ExaGrid-Veeam Solution Offers KPMG Data Protection Maximized for Cost, Security, and Efficiency
"Our data profile is huge. ExaGrid has a massive capacity for accommodating that kind of data. Restores are also very quick, which reduces stress on our IT team."
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Pfizer Launches Backup Storage Architecture with ExaGrid and Veeam, Proving Optimal Results
"It made my job easier because I don’t have to worry about it. Just set it and forget it. That’s how I feel about the ExaGrid appliance – it’s bulletproof. I don’t have to think about it. It takes the backups, it does the dedupe, it just does its job. From my perspective, it just made my job easier. If everything I purchased worked like it, I would have a very low stress level. Jason Ridenour, Senior Computing/Networking Systems Engineer"
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Sky Deutschland Chooses Scalable ExaGrid-Veeam Solution for Its Backup Environment
"After the POC, we decided to choose ExaGrid for our backup storage. Many people make choices on name alone, without checking what else is on the market. Our choice was based on the architecture and how cost-effective the solution is when considering data growth."
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Rightmove Relies on ExaGrid to Protect Its Oracle Data
"The ExaGrid system just works; once it’s set up there isn’t much to work on, it looks after itself, so it is quite pain-free."
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ExaGrid Boosts Performance of BearingPoint’s Commvault and Linux Backups
"ExaGrid backs up the data so much faster; some of our backups are finished in under a minute and our largest backup jobs are finished within five hours."
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Fuel Tech Replaces Aging Data Domain with Scalable ExaGrid System for Better Backup Performance
"We wanted to continue to use Veeam, but realized we needed newer technology; we wanted to find a solution that would be able to grow and adapt to our needs in the future."
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YWCA Broadens Data Protection by Expanding Backups with ExaGrid-Veeam Solution
"As a nonprofit, we often have to make do with what we have, so in the past we had to prioritize backing up our critical servers due to space constraints. Now that we’ve added ExaGrid to our environment, deduplication has maximized our storage capacity, and we’re able to back up almost all of our servers, beyond just the critical ones."
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MLSListings Gains Reliable Backup After Switch to ExaGrid-Veeam Solution
"When I first started my career in IT, I had to manually check our backup jobs every morning, and sometimes it took half a day to resolve an issue. Now, I have so many tasks as a network engineer and backup is not the portion of my work that I worry about, thanks to the reliability of the ExaGrid-Veeam solution."
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ExaGrid-Veeam Provide High Efficiency, Lower Cost Global Backup Strategy for AspenTech
"One of the major selling points of using ExaGrid with Veeam is the ability to stand up a VM almost immediately with just a couple of clicks. When I need to do an instant VM restore or create a clone copy, it's amazing how easy it is."
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Salvation Army Improves Backup Times and Eliminates Tape with ExaGrid
"The ExaGrid really has taken a lot of the pain out of our backups. Our backups and restores are faster and more efficient, and we don’t have to manage tape anymore. It’s been a great solution for us."
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Plastipak Gains Faster Backups and Restores with ExaGrid
"The ExaGrid really does eliminate all of the problems associated with tape, including long backup windows, difficult restore processes and the day-to-day tape management. It's a very simple, clean way to protect valuable data at a price point comparable to tape."
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Global Engineering Firm Prefers ExaGrid Over Data Domain for Price/Performance
"The ExaGrid system provided all the functionality we needed at a better price than the EMC Data Domain system.  We also liked that we could use the ExaGrid system along with our existing backup application, CA ARCserve Backup, so our learning curve was minimized."
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NCI Group Moves Away from Tape and Adds Data Capacity with ExaGrid's Disk-Based Backup with Deduplication System
"Now, with the addition of Vertias and ExaGrid's joint OST capability, we have complete visibility into both our on-site and off-site copies of backups.  In the event we need to restore from a DR copy of a backup, we can seamlessly do so without any additional catalog operations as the ExaGrid appliance has informed NetBackup of the replicated copy, thus saving us time during critical restores."
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Eby-Brown Gains Faster Backups and Restores with ExaGrid
"Before we purchased our two-site ExaGrid system, we performed a cost analysis that showed installing two ExaGrid systems would cost less over time than tape. When you consider the cost of tape, transportation and the amount of time our IT staff had devoted to managing tape and performing restores, purchasing the ExaGrid system is a no-brainer."
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ExaGrid Helps Concur to Keep Pace with Backup Demands and Data Growth
"We’ve worked closely with ExaGrid on our backup infrastructure and have been extremely pleased with the product, customer support, and the company as a whole.  The folks at ExaGrid go the extra mile, and we consider them to be a trusted partner."
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