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According to Industry Analysts

According to Industry Analysts

ExaGrid has been profiled and referenced extensively by leading industry analysts in various industry publications and briefs. Selected comments and reports are highlighted below.

ExaGrid's Unique Value Propositions

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Magic Quadrant for Deduplication Backup Target Appliances

Pushan Rinnen, Dave Russell, Robert Rhame

ExaGrid named sole ‘Visionary’ in the final Gartner Magic Quadrant for Deduplication Backup Target Appliances.

Overcoming Backup Appliance Conventional Wisdom

ExaGrid Briefing Note

George Crump
Storage Switzerland, March 7, 2018

ExaGrid has defied conventional wisdom almost from its start. It is a scale-out backup storage system that leverages a landing zone and adaptive deduplication, making it ideal for the instant recovery era [..] it has the DR RPO of inline but the ingest and restore performance of post-process [..] These early choices in design plus a patient approach to the market leads to success both in the mid-market data center as well as in the enterprise …

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DCIG 2018 Deduplication Backup Target Appliance Buyer’s Guide

The Insider’s Guide to Evaluating Deduplication Backup Target Appliances

Charley McMaster and Jerome Wendt
DCIG, November 2017

Abstract: “The DCIG 2018 Deduplication Backup Target Appliance Buyer’s Guide drives time and cost out of the product selection process by enabling prospective buyers to more quickly identify a shortlist of products that meet their specific needs. Thus, prospective purchasers can focus their product evaluation energies and move more quickly to buying the best solution for them.”

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DCIG 2016-17 U.S. Enterprise Deduplicating Backup Appliance Buyer’s Guide

The Insider’s Guide to Evaluating Deduplicating Backup Appliances from Providers Based in the U.S.

Charley McMaster and Ben Maas
DCIG, September 2016

Abstract: “DCIG once again looks at deduplication in its 2016-17 U.S. Enterprise Deduplicating Backup Appliance Buyer’s Guide, refreshing last year’s guide on this same topic. The introduction of new technologies and updating existing technologies in these appliances over the past year have again served to shift the deduplicating backup appliance landscape as many previously available deduplication appliances are now gone as vendors continually refresh their product lines and bring out new models.”

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ExaGrid-Veeam Accelerated Data Mover

Kerry Dolan, Lab Analyst and Brian Garrett, Vice President, ESG Lab
October 2016

Abstract: “This ESG Lab review documents hands-on testing of the ExaGrid-Veeam Accelerated Data Mover, with particular focus on its ability to improve the performance and efficiency of both full and synthetic full backups.”

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Three Recommendations for Evaluating Data Deduplication to Ensure Storage and Bandwidth Efficiency While Delivering Fast Backups, Restores, and Recoveries

Jerome Wendt
June 2016

Abstract: “Although deduplication solves disk storage and offsite replication challenges, deduplication by its very nature is highly compute intensive and creates three new challenges around backup and restore. By not understanding these three new challenges, many organizations find themselves in a position where they have implemented deduplication in a manner that is neither optimal for their environment nor do they have a clear path forward to success.”

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