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ExaGrid Wins ‘Return on Investment’ Award at Network Computing Awards 2015

ExaGrid Wins ‘Return on Investment’ Award at Network Computing Awards 2015

ExaGrid disk-based backup system recognized for reduction of operating costs and improved productivity

London, Mar. 25, 2015 – ExaGrid Systems, Inc. announced today that it has won the ‘Return on Investment’ award at the Annual Network Computing Awards 2015 ceremony in London. This latest award confirms its leadership position in the disk-based backup storage with deduplication market.

The ‘Return on Investment’ award is a new award category introduced in 2015 and represents the solution which helps organisations reduce operating costs and/or improve productivity. Online voting resulted in ExaGrid becoming the first winner of this award, validating ExaGrid’s unique position in the market as the only company to provide a purpose-built, scale-out approach to disk-based backup with deduplication. As a result, ExaGrid protects its customers from the requisite forklift upgrades that customers face with a scale-up approach as their data grows.

In addition, ExaGrid offers the ability to mix and match any size or age appliance, protecting customers from product obsolescence and providing ongoing investment protection. Consequently, by selecting ExaGrid as its strategic disk-based backup system, a customer can be certain that its investment is protected and will deliver increasing value over time.

“We are very proud to be acknowledged by the industry as the first winner of Network Computing’s ‘Return on Investment Award’ and would like to express our appreciation to everyone who voted for ExaGrid. This award reflects our ongoing efforts and steadfast commitment to deliver the fastest and most cost-effective disk-based backup solution,” said Bill Andrews, CEO of ExaGrid.

“From day one, ExaGrid has focused its efforts entirely on the development of a purpose-built backup storage solution. We continue to be the only vendor with this single focus, which is why we offer the most superior product solution in this space. It is also why we are the only vendor able to offer true investment protection against the ravages of data growth – something the scale-up offerings of our competitors can’t offer. This award underscores the importance for a customer who is using scale-up technology and hitting capacity to switch to ExaGrid to best protect their investment,” Andrews said.

ExaGrid’s win further validates the company’s recognition as ‘best at disk-based backup storage with deduplication’ by leading experts and follows its strong momentum over the past year, which includes:

  • Introduction of the company’s most innovative technology to date with the release of its EX32000E appliance and version 4.7 of its software, including introduction of the ExaGrid-Veeam Accelerated Data mover
  • More than doubling the full backup capacity of a single GRID system to a 448TB full backup
  • Receiving recognition from renowned industry experts such as Gartner , DCIG, ESG, and Storage Switzerland
  • Increasing support to over 25 backup applications and utilities

Running since 2007, the Network Computing Awards recognise companies and IT solutions that help organisations function better by getting the most out of their systems and networks.

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