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Newly Issued Patent Extends Technological Excellence Lead for ExaGrid Systems, Puts Pressure on Competition

Newly Issued Patent Extends Technological Excellence Lead for ExaGrid Systems, Puts Pressure on Competition

ExaGrid Dramatically Reduces Restore Time for Historical Data With ‘Delta Merging’ Technique, Optimizes Backup Performance

Westborough, Mass., Dec. 11, 2013 – Further establishing its technological advantage, ExaGrid Systems, Inc., was awarded Patent #8,589,363, “Systems and Methods for Managing Delta Versions,” on Nov. 19, 2013. The innovation is the sixth patent ExaGrid has been awarded and clearly demonstrates the company’s commitment to serving its customers with the most advanced disk-based backup solutions on the market.

The invention, currently referred to as ‘Delta Merging,’ significantly reduces the time it takes to restore historical versions of a customer’s backup data, providing IT teams with the reassurance that their backed-up data is quickly accessible as soon as it’s needed.

“While our competition continues to build solutions that require expensive forklift upgrades, we’re incessantly looking to improve the functionality of our product,” said Bill Andrews, CEO and president of ExaGrid. “Our engineers are the best in the business. This latest achievement validates their hard work and deep understanding of backup — we’re very lucky to have such a talented team.”

The ExaGrid product line implements a unique purpose-built backup architecture that optimizes the performance of backup, restore, tape copy and disaster recovery operations. This innovation replaces potentially tens of thousands of slow disk operations with a computational task that runs across delta versions of backup history without having to deduplicate each full historical version in its entirety. Restores from very old historical copies of backup data now run almost as fast as restores of the most recent version of backup data.

“ExaGrid prides itself on having the best disk-based backup technology available, which has been confirmed by several independent analysts and evaluations this year in both the U.S. and U.K.,” said Dave Therrien, CTO and founder of ExaGrid. “Maintaining that level of excellence requires us to continually innovate. This patent win is another step forward for our team toward fulfilling the growing needs of IT professionals in meeting backup demands in the most effective way possible.”

ExaGrid’s scale-out grid architecture, and compute with capacity model, allows the company’s appliances to execute computationally intensive deduplication functions in parallel across all appliances in a customer’s multi-appliance configuration.

In addition, ExaGrid’s unique landing zone ensures that the most recent versions of backup data can be quickly restored or copied to tape without having to rehydrate the data.

A Year of Continued Excellence
In 2013, ExaGrid received several industry awards for its product excellence and technological innovation, including: ‘Product of the Year’ at the Techworld Awards, ‘Disk Based Product of the Year’ at the Annual Storage Awards, and a bronze medal in’s annual ‘Product of the Year’ competition.

In addition to the awards, ExaGrid dominated analyst reports from DCIG, receiving the distinction of ‘Best-in-Class’ for solutions under $50k and $100k, and by Info-Tech, topping the organization’s Vendor Landscape: Disk Backup report and earning 99 out of a possible 100 points.

About ExaGrid Systems, Inc.
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