EX21000E Appliance

ExaGrid provides a scalable, cost-effective backup storage solution with a unique landing zone and scale-out architecture for stress-free backup and restores.

ExaGrid Named 'Best-in-Class' by DCIG 2013 Buyer's Guide ExaGrid Awarded Technology of the Year 2013 by InfoWorld
ExaGrid wins 'Disk-Based Product of the Year: Small/Mid-range' at the Annual Storage Awards 2014 ExaGrid wins Disk Backup Champion 2013

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"I would personally highly recommend the ExaGrid system to anyone or any organization that is looking for a high-quality, easy-to-use backup solution that will do everything they need it to do and more." - James Harter, Sr. Network Administrator
"We've worked closely with ExaGrid on our backup infrastructure and have been extremely pleased with the product, customer support, and the company as a whole." - Sean Graver, Storage Architect

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