Veritas NetBackup Accelerator

Veritas NetBackup Accelerator

ExaGrid is the only storage for backup solution in the market that automatically resynthesizes NetBackup Accelerator backups, maintaining a full copy ready to restore at 20x faster than any other solution, including Veritas appliances.

With a lower cost up front and a lower cost over time, the ExaGrid cost-effective scale-out growth model makes your NetBackup implementation a high-performance, scalable, efficient end-to-end solution.

ExaGrid and Veritas NetBackup Accelerator

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Why Does NetBackup Need ExaGrid Intelligent Hypercoverged Storage for Backup?

ExaGrid improves NetBackup environments with:

  • 20x Faster Restores – Improves the speed and ease of restoring backups and files with automatic resynthesizing (20x faster than any other solution)
  • 3x Greater Efficiency – Dramatically reduces the cost of storage with aggressive deduplication (over 2x greater storage efficiency over NetBackup deduplication alone)  and
  • 50% Cost Savings – Eliminates costly fork-lift upgrades with a scale-out architecture (50% savings over competitive solutions).

Why is Restore Performance a Problem for NetBackup?

NetBackup Accelerator increases backup speed using an “incremental forever” approach to sending data.  After an initial full backup, backups are completed by only moving the data that has changed since the last backup. Because NetBackup Accelerator only sends incremental changes in a highly intertwined and deduplicated format, it can be very time-consuming to sort and rehydrate in order to restore, boot a VM, or make an offsite tape copy from accelerated backups.  Restores, instant VM recoveries, audit copies, offsite tape copies and all other requests will take hours to days.

How Does ExaGrid Improve Restore Performance?

When you choose ExaGrid Intelligent Hyperconverged Storage for Backup for NetBackup, each ExaGrid appliance includes a disk cache Landing Zone. Backup data is written directly to the landing zone.  ExaGrid further processes the NetBackup Accelerator backups to automatically resynthesize all backups into the ExaGrid landing zone so restores are just as fast as if the accelerated backup was a regular full undeduplicated backup on high-speed disk. ExaGrid is the only solution in the market with this feature.

Since over 90% of restores and 100% of instant VM recoveries and tape copies are done from the most recent backup, this approach avoids the overhead incurred from “rehydrating” data during critical restores. As a result, restore, recovery, and copy times from an ExaGrid system are an order of magnitude faster than solutions that only store deduplicated data.

In most cases, ExaGrid is at least 20 times faster for restores than any other solution including Veritas appliances.

If NetBackup Only Sends Incremental Backups, Why Do We Need Additional Deduplication?

NetBackup Accelerator is designed send less data over the network to speed up backups for a shorter backup window and reduce to network consumption. This is why only incremental changes are sent. However, best practices for managing NetBackup environments require that backups are resynthesized and stored in full on the backup storage.  This mitigates the impact and risk of unidentified incremental data corruption. (If any data in the chain of incrementals has been corrupted or is missing, the backups cannot be restored and customers would be unaware of this until such time as they attempt recovery).   Even though full backups aren’t moving across the network (because NetBackup synthesizes them on the backup storage using OST operations), full backups are still needed on the backup storage.

The more full backups that are kept (e.g., 8 weeklies, 24 monthlies, 7 yearlies), the more storage is required. The only way to reduce the amount and cost of storage is to employ data deduplication in the storage solution.

ExaGrid matches or exceeds the deduplication ratios of all deduplication storage vendors, including Data Domain, and provides over twice the deduplication ratio than NetBackup appliances. Due to its lower cost architectural approach, ExaGrid is half the cost of Dell EMC Data Domain or Veritas NetBackup Appliances.

The deduplication solution you choose will significantly impact the cost of backup. Why?

Scale-up vs Scale-out Deduplication Solutions – Why Your Storage Solution Architecture Matters.

Scale Up

A scale-up architecture is a solution with a single point of entry, often referred to as a media server with deduplication software or a front-end controller with deduplication. The media server or front-end controller points to disk shelves for storage. As data grows, only disk shelves are added. At first, this is a low-cost method of protecting a larger amount of data. However, with a single media server or front-end controller, memory and compute resources remain fixed even as throughput requirements increase. When they exceed the acceptable backup window, a forklift upgrade is needed to replace the server or controller with a bigger, faster, and more expensive one. All standard deduplication appliances use the scale-up approach whether in software or in a hardware appliance. With all of these solutions, as data grows, the backup window does as well.

Scale Out

ExaGrid Intelligent Hyperconverged Storage for Backup is a scale-out architectures. These are full appliances (processor, memory, bandwidth, and disk) in a single system. Full resource appliances are simply added into the system. As data grows, all resources are added including additional primary storage, bandwidth, processor, and memory as well as disk capacity. This keeps the backup window fixed in length regardless of data growth, which eliminates expensive forklift upgrades.

Unlike the scale-up approach where you need to guess which sized front-end controller is required, the scale-out approach allows you to simply add the appropriate sized appliances as your data grows. With ExaGrid, any size or age appliance can be mixed in a single system, which allows IT departments to buy compute and capacity as they need it. This evergreen approach also eliminates product obsolescence and forklift upgrades.

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ExaGrid and Veritas NetBackup Accelerator

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