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Veeam and ExaGrid are the Gold Standard

Veeam and ExaGrid are the Gold Standard

Wondering how to improve your customers’ Veeam experience? Want to increase adoption in an existing customer? Running up against a competitor?

The ExaGrid-Veeam solution may be the right fit!  ExaGrid’s Intelligent Hyperconverged Storage for Backup is the perfect compliment to Veeam.

ExaGrid’s cost-effective scale-out growth model has a lower cost up front a lower cost over time compared to standard disk solutions and traditional deduplication storage solutions.

Veeam-ExaGrid is typically half the price of competitor solutions, assuming that all other vendors size their products correctly for the work load and growth.

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ExaGrid's Unique Value Propositions

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Why would Veeam users adopt the ExaGrid-Veeam solution?

Veeam and ExaGrid have offered a tightly integrated end-to-end backup solution for the past eight years. Both companies have been shipping products for over ten years and have won virtually every major backup award in the industry.

With Veeam-ExaGrid they get:

  • Products that support the environment and are operationally feature rich
  • Products that are mature – tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of installations
  • Products that just work
  • Products that are easy to use
  • Fastest backups
  • Fastest VM boots and restores
  • Pay-as-you-grow, plug-and-play linear scalability
  • Over 350 customer success stories each, on their public-facing websites
  • Superior customer support
  • A Net Promoter Score (NPS) of +73 earned by both companies
  • Lowest cost up front
  • Lowest cost over time
  • The ability to test the products for as long as needed to in order to feel comfortable before purchasing
  • Long list of reference customers to speak to before buying

Products That Support The Customer’s Environment

Customers want products that support their virtual, physical, database, and cloud environments. They want support for SQL dumps, RMAN, and SAP HANA along with support of all major storage vendors’ snapshots and also NDMP backups. They need and want fast backups, fast VM boots and restores, granular restores, backup windows that don’t grow as data grows, pay-as-you-grow scalability, data labs for rapid testing of data, test audit data, and many other environmental and operational features. Veeam-ExaGrid can provide a wide range of environmental and operational feature support.

Mature Products That “Just Work”

It takes years to mature a product in the backup space as backup touches every piece of data on every possible operating system created by every possible user and business application.  New products on the market take years to mature. When choosing a product, talk to customers who have been in production for at least a few years. Very often, products tested in a non-production environment perform well but when rolled out to full production under full production load will buckle and break. Veeam-ExaGrid has stood the test of time and has tens of thousands of customer reference accounts who will attest to their success. 

Easy to Use

There are slick user interfaces and then there is easy to use. Sometimes they are one and the same and other times they are not. Running a product in a full production environment is the true test of how much IT time will be spent managing and supporting it. A product could have a simple user interface, but if it does not keep up with the demands of the environment, then the customer will be working with the product every day. Ease of use is not just about how the user interface looks but rather how much time per day customers need to be involved with the product versus setting it up and letting it run with minimal intervention. Veeam-ExaGrid is simple to set up and is set-it-and-forget-it from then on.


There is only one way to truly know what the performance is going to be for backups, VM boots, and restores and that is to put the products in a production environment and use them.

Many products become progressively slower over time. They are great out of the gate but not so much when it comes to long-term stamina.

Veeam-ExaGrid’s performance is the same at 1TB or 1PB and is the same in five years as it is on day one. Veeam-ExaGrid offers the Veeam Data Mover integrated from the front-end through to the back-end storage, and because the transport protocol is built for backup, it is fast for backup. It also allows synthetic fulls to be created directly on the backup storage, avoiding all back-and-forth network traffic. ExaGrid’s unique landing zone keeps the most recent backup copies in Veeam’s native format for fast VM boots and restores.

Don’t take our word for it – have customers test it and talk to customers who have been using it for years.

Scalability and Lower Long-Term Costs

Not only do customers want a product that scales with their business and data growth, but they also want a product that is sized correctly up front for their backup retention period and can handle their data growth for the number of years they are paying for up front.  Products have to be scalable in the sense that you can add as you grow, but you also need to know the following.

  1. Is the system sized correctly up front or is the vendor under-sizing in order to show a low price and then within nine months, the customer needs to buy more?
  2. Is the storage hardware price protected, meaning that what the customer pays up front is what the customer will pay in the future for subsequent system expansion?

Veeam-ExaGrid prides itself on sizing correctly up front using its advanced sizing tool. Veeam-ExaGrid provides a scale-out storage architecture, coupling ExaGrid with Veeam SOBR (scale-out backup repository).  This provides for automated job management and linear scaling. Simply add more appliances as storage needs grow. ExaGrid price protects the backup storage for five years. Whatever the customer pays up front for the backup storage is what the customer pays per appliance for the next five years – no surprises. Lastly, with Veeam-ExaGrid, you can mix and match any age and any size appliances in a single scale-out solution, which eliminates forklift upgrades and product obsolescence.

Customer Support Excellence

All IT staff are tired of being kicked around in support organizations. When the customer has a problem, they just want to talk to someone who understands the problem and knows how to fix it. The customer wants the support team to stay with them and not finger point at the network, the applications, or anything else. Veeam-ExaGrid prides itself on exceptional customer support. The leaders in any industry – hotels, airlines, retail, etc. – have NPS (Net Promoter Scores) within range of +70. NPS is a measurement of how likely customers are, based on their experience, to recommend a vendor. The scale ranges from a low of -100 to a high of +100. A score of over +70 is considered excellent. Both Veeam and ExaGrid have individual scores of +73.


Veeam-ExaGrid believe in their products, have tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of installations over a ten-year period, and are confident that if the customer puts us to the test, they will see the difference. Don’t let other vendors push the customer into a short testing period. Any vendor pushing the customer into a short test is sending up a red flag. Veeam-ExaGrid lets the customer test for as long as they want.


Nothing beats talking to other IT customers that have been running a product for years. Vendors should be able to provide the customer with as many references as they request.  Veeam-ExaGrid has a lot of happy, loyal customers and are willing to let your customers talk to as many as they wish.


IT staffs need to buy mature products from companies that have been around for a while and that offer leading-edge products with exceptional customer support. That is what Veeam-ExaGrid provides for IT staff – little time and low risk.

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