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ExaGrid Statement on GDPR

ExaGrid Statement on GDPR

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) affects all organizations storing, protecting, and/or processing data belonging to EU citizens. The purpose of GDPR is to harmonize existing laws across Europe and strengthen protections for EU citizens relative to their personal data.

ExaGrid does not offer any user applications, screens, websites, etc. that collect user data. ExaGrid’s backup storage appliances store digital data sent to the appliances from a third-party backup software, which is responsible for the daily protection of data. As a result, ExaGrid is not able to interpret data that is written by the backup software. The backup software manages retention so when data reaches the set retention or deleted by the backup application ExaGrid will remove it from the appliance. In addition, ExaGrid offers optional 256 bit AES hardware encryption for the data at rest on the appliance.

ExaGrid and GDPR

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